A New Era of Payment Gateway is Finally Here!


It’s time for you to take back control of your payment processing for your business and stop gateways running away with your money! Quick Payment Gateway allows you to process payments online with zero chargebacks, no rolling reserve, daily direct settlement, no monthly fees and no minimum contracts.


Zero Chargebacks - Guaranteed!

We complete KYC and do all compliance checks on your clients in flight and ensure all chargebacks and disputes are won!

No Rolling Reserve

We are so sure of our process on security and safety that we will never hold any funds back from you and settle all funds without holding back or deducting any reserves

Next day Direct Settlement

Our Quick Payment Gateway settle every transaction directly to your BTC account or pay next working day your EUR/GBP bank account with the processing from the day before.


What is Quick Payment Gateway

Quick Payment Gateway is a payment gateway technology that allows merchants to connect their existing payment gateway with state of the art, safe and secure BTC payments, which will enable your clients to fund their accounts via an array of payments methods. You as our merchant will take advantage of this with absolutely zero risk of chargebacks, no rolling reserves and instant BTC settlements or EUR/GBP.

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What is Quick Payment Gateway

Bitcoin is an online service that allows users to purchase Bitcoin via credit/debit card, SEPA, SWIFT, ZELLE, Skrill or Neteller. With a secure and easy to use website, our bitcoin provider provides quick and easily purchase of Bitcoin. 24/7 customer support and KYC processing under 5 minutes makes it also one of the quickest and safest places to buy Bitcoin globally and instantly.

Can I purchase BTC from anywhere?

Our solution offers our services globally, however, we reserve the right to refuse our services to residents of countries which have laws in place restricting cryptocurrency transactions.

What depositing methods do we offer?

– Credit/Debit Cards providing that the card is VISA, MasterCard or Maestro
– Bank Wire Transfer

– E-wallets via Skrill and Neteller
– E-check is USA


How long does it take to send BTC to a user’s wallet?

– Credit/Debit Cards – Instant
– Bank Wire – Up to 5 business days depending on the client’s bank
– Zelle – Instant
– E-wallets – Instant

Does Quick Payment offer a BTC wallet?

No, but we can provide the client with a BTC wallet via our partner which they can access and withdraw from as they see fit. The client has full control over this wallet.

Do we accept unregulated entities?

Yes, we do accept unregulated business models as long as there is no unethical or illegal activity and they follow the rules in their jurisdiction.

What are the transaction processing fees?

We charge a base fee of 9%, depending on your industry and terms of your business the rate may differ. Based on some industries there might also be a setup fee but please contact our sales team to get an offer.

What is the settlement timelines?

There are 2 settlement options
– BTC – instant settlement to your BTC wallet
– EUR/GBP via Bank Wire Transfer can take up to 10 business days depending on your bank

Are my client transactions and funds safe?

We do not store client’s payment details anywhere on the site or servers. Personal details and documents are also encrypted for maximum security.

How long is the KYC process?

Once all documents are submitted, We aim to review and approve within 5 minutes.
If the documents do not reach the required standards, feedback will be sent via email within 5 minutes. KYC is not repeated unless AML rules require us to gather extra details or information.

How long does a client have to submit verification documents?

Your clients have 72-hour to send all documentation and verify themselves.
Failure to submit all relevant documents within 72 hours will result in the payment being cancelled and funds being returned to the clients account. We cannot accept any unverified funds nor unverified client details.

If a client has passed KYC and wants to pay again, will the client go through the same process of verification?

No. New deposit requests can be made without further KYC checks.
Should a client wish to change the credit/debit card, then we would require proof of the new card to offer the chargeback protection.

What is the minimum amount a client can buy?

– Credit/debit card: USD 50, GBP 50, EUR 50
– Bank Wire Transfer: USD 50, GBP 50, EUR 50

What is the maximum amount a client can buy?

– Credit/debit cards: Up to 50,000 USD/GBP/EUR on a rolling 30-day basis.
– Daily purchase cap of 5,000 USD/GBP/EUR
– Bank Wire Transfer: No maximum
– Please be advised that larger amounts may be subject to further verification checks.


Is there a settlement fee?

– BTC no settlement fee

– EUR/GBP we charge a 4% conversion fee above the EBA daily rate if you like to use our bank conversion.

Do we have refund limits?

No we don’t accept refunds as BTC cannot be returned.

Is the gateway branded?

Yes we add your logo to the payment page. Please contact your account manager and attaching your company logo.

Which are the Restricted Countries?

AF  Afghanistan

IQ  Iraq

PK  Pakistan

DZ  Algeria

LS  Lesotho

QA  Qatar

BD  Bangladesh

LR  Libya

CH  Syria

BO  Bolivia

MK  Macedonia (FYROM)

AE  United Arab Emirates

CN  China

MA  Morocco

YE  Yemen

EG  Egypt

NP  Nepal

ID  Iran

NF  North Korea

Does Quick Payment Gateway charge a monthly fee?

No, all is included in our processing fee and we do not tie you down in any lengthy contracts.